The Educations for Cancer Survivors

As pointed by the American Cancer Society, nearly 14.5 million people surviving from cancer in the U.S. The majority of these people come across with physical, psychological, practical, informational, and spiritual affairs after the cancer treatment is completed. The providers of primary care take a leading position in granting vital follow-up care for people surviving from any kind of cancer.

The Cancer Survivorship E-Learning Series is a free program of a long-lasting education that offers the access to a forum where there is an education for primary care providers (PCPs) (e.g., general care physicians, geriatricians, gynecologists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners,  nurses). It may include patients who are considered people surviving from cancer about how to better realize and care for survivors in the primary care setting. Continuing education credits (CEs) are accessible at no cost to participants for each 1-hour module.

This scheme is accessible by means of the National Cancer Survivorship Resource Center (The Survivorship Center), a cooperation between the American Cancer Society and the George Washington University Cancer Institute sponsored by a 5-year collective agreement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The audience will learn about caring for survivors of adult-onset cancers, including:

The pattern consists of 7 online educational programs with new modules supplemented throughout the year. Self-controlled modules can be finished in any order and contain:

  • 1 or more on-sought webinar collected by clinicians and specialists;
  • Interviews with people cancer survivors;
  • Coordinating issues such as pools and patient/survivor case examinations;
  • Access to means and supplements to enhance the knowledge and professionality regarding care after the treatment.

To start, grapple with every module by means of the links above.

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